Our Top Free Web Resources

No matter how creative and knowledgeable you are in web designing, sometimes you can’t accomplish that perfect design without the right tools, codes and resources. You can purchase these tools and resources, but most of them come with a high price tag which isn’t appealing if you’re working on a project with a budget for example. But of course there’s a cheap alternative! Today we’ll go through some of our favourite free resources which we use from time to time.


Freebbble: This website has an abundance of high-quality designs that are completely free for all of your web design needs.

Dribbble: An absolute freebie treasure is the freebie section of the Dribbble website. This is where some of the most talented designers come to display there work which can be downloaded and edited for your own projects.




Colour Lovers: With this resource, you can easily come up with your own colours, palettes and patterns. You can share what you have created and get inspiration from other peoples creations.

Adobe Color CC: This gives you color combinations that have been created by the Kuler community.




Behance: This is another resource where you can showcase your works or learn from the works of other web page designers.

Awwwards: Learn and take inspiration from the awarded websites for their creativity and innovation. For all you know, your work will be the subsequent multi-awarded website design as you learn from those that have been recognized.




Pexels: Without question, Pexels has the best free photos in one place-from summer, business, abstract, sunset, art, black-and-white, car, building, people, vintage, technology, street city, nature, and many more, you can surely find an image that you can use for the website that you are working on.

Pixabay: This is another website you use where you can get free high-quality images as a Pexels alternative.



TypeGenius: With TypeGenius, you can easily find the most suitable font combinations for your next project.

Google Fonts: This is a free and open-source fonts that are optimized for the web and can be incorporated into your projects in seconds with one handy link.




Font Awesome: Without question, this is the best resource for the iconic font and CSS toolkit.

Flat Icon: This is a search engine for 16000+ glyph vector icons that can help you choose the best icons to make your website standout.




Window Resizer: This can help you monitor how your design works on various screen resolutions.

UI Faces: With this, you can find and generate sample avatars for user interfaces with ease.


Credit: The Next Web.