Shuffle Radio Ireland

Insight Multimedia were commissioned to build this new Irish independent radio stations website and live music player App. Shuffle Radio Ireland is an independent Internet Radio Station, broadcasting 24/7 –  365 from Ireland. It launched at the end January 2022. The radio station asked Insight to design a new funky logo and an ‘audience focused’ brand identity with ‘WOW’ factor. The radio station also needed a Live Player Smartphone App developed to allow listeners to tune into the stations 24/7  live broadcasts.

Insights App Development Team in Cork lead the project from the start. Normally the logo and branding would take precedence, but with this project the development of the App Player came first. The particular specification of the APP lead in turn, to the logo development and overall branding style.

Insight App Development Team first needed to take time to plan out how the APP would function best for the end user. What would be the typical end users demographic (music genre, age group, information expected, etc) and how would they want the radio station APP to function for them. The development team scoped out the priorities for the APP’s Functionality by researching what the radio stations audience would expect from the Shuffle Player App. This focused research, eventually led to an extremely functional adaptable smartphone app. The priority was to allow for full automation between the APP, Live stream and website, with smart promotional push notification services, news and promotional updates pushed directly to the end user within the App, along side a custom built HTML5 live stream player with track information, song artist and album art displayed.

The radio station website was also very tightly integrated with the smartphone APP, allowing information from the website to be pushed directly to the APP and synced seamlessly in realtime. The branding style that was developed for the Smartphone App development team, subsequently helped speed up the overall website build process, with the APP user interface dictating the overall look and style for the new website. The website design team built the website to allow for all of the information that was going live to the App Player to also publish live to the website from one core administration backend system. The live stream audio feed of the stations 24/7  broadcast was built to broadcast directly to the Smartphone App & Website simultaneously.  Overall the process rolled out a very successful end user experience on all devices and platforms.

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