AIS Automation

AIS Automation Ltd specialises in delivering a comprehensive turnkey service, focusing on the design, construction, and customisation of automated solutions tailored for the Life Science Industries. As an integral part of the AIS Group, operating throughout Europe, they benefit from a unique advantage by collaborating with and leveraging the diverse expertise of their sister companies. This collaborative approach positions them to provide automation solutions of world-class quality and efficiency.

Insight Multimedia was given the responsibility to establish a robust online presence for AIS Automation by creating a fresh, comprehensive website that aligns seamlessly with the brand. Our web development team worked hard to design a clear, user-friendly, and industry-relevant, featuring highly technical graphics and colour schemes that seamlessly integrate into the Life Science sector. The incorporation of a video element on the Areas of Expertise page effectively communicates AIS Automation’s practical expertise, highlighting their advanced capabilities in areas such as 3D Prototyping to the users.