Forest, Environmental Research & Services Limited was founded in 2005 by Pat Moran and Kevin Black. FERS currently has 4 full time staff with offices in counties Carlow, Louth and Meath. FERS currently runs 4 distinct divisions: forestry; environmental; geographic information system (GIS); and carbon sequestration consultancies.

This website development project was a very straight forward business website build, as the team at Forest Environmental Research & Services had taken a high volume of fabulous ‘nature based’ photographs while doing their day to day work. These photographs in turn, became the main feature of the new website build. Our web development team set about laying out the business information pages alongside the multitude of beautiful images that the FERS team had supplied (a dream client !).

While the website looks spectacular, with the use of  beautiful nature photographs, the website has also a very concise, user focused amount of company information and service information.

As a high end bespoke development add-on, Insight’s development team also built a bespoke Online Carbon Footprint Calculator within the website, based on a calculation algorithm compiled by the FERS research team. The ‘custom built’ live online calculator is tailored specifically to Forest Footprint v Carbon Output/Consumption.