Maternity To Baby

Maternity to Baby is an Irish Company established in 2021 by Lorna Sewell (a Practicing Midwife) and her friend and business partner Joanna Rosiak. While talking about their pregnancy journeys, they both realised that, despite their different body shapes and sizes they both struggled with finding comfortable clothing to fit during their pregnancies.

Lorna and Joanna came to Insight and asked for help with the creation of a new visually impacting E-Commerce Website. They had looked at the ‘off the shelf’ Wix and Shopify ‘template type’ systems but they felt they were far to difficult work with and that together they didn’t have the time or need to start learning how to layout and design a website to look the way they wanted to show their products and business brand. They wanted professional advice and an experienced design team to design a suitable brand and logo for the company and a professional web development team to build a slick website experience for the end user. They looked at Insights track record in developing successful brands and business websites and felt we fitted what the wanted and ticked all of the boxes.

The first part of the project was to develop a suitable logo and brand identity for ‘Maternity To Baby’. So over a two week period, the new logo concept and brand was evolved. Then the web development team set about developing a new website with a ‘look and style’ that communicated the businesses USP correctly and connect instantly with expectant and new mothers.

The web development team felt that the WordPress CMS platform with WooCommerce would work well for Lorna and Joanna as it has a very easy to use backend system and can be scaled up easily with additional plugins and e-commerce features, ‘if and when’ needed. Once the logos, colour and overall look and feel were developed and signed off by the clients, the Website design followed. 

The site was developed with a unique custom frontend design (not a simple theme selection option, in the same way as the likes of Wix and Shopify offer) incorporating a custom ‘Mega Menu’, custom web forms and a robust E-Commerce store system with secure payment gateway integration.

The custom built user interface (UI) was designed to adapt perfectly on all device types such as smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop further aiding the user’s individual experience and ease of use.