Insight has brought hundreds
of successful businesses online.


Insight has brought hundreds of successful businesses online.

The LEO Online Trading Grant is a government initiative aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The initiative was developed to  help SME’s  in their efforts to establish a strong online presence and expand their businesses through e-commerce.

The grant is available to cover a portion of the costs related to website development, e-commerce setup, digital marketing, and other expenses incurred when developing a successful online trading venture. By enabling SMEs to embrace the digital marketplace, the LEO Online Trading Grant aims to enhance local businesses competitiveness, increase revenue streams, and foster growth in an ever increasing digital business landscape.


Drive more leads and business enquires… resulting in generating more sales

The LEO Online Trading Grant is typically available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that meet specific eligibility criteria. These criteria often include having a registered business within the jurisdiction of the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) offering the grant. The business should demonstrate a genuine intention to establish or expand its online trading presence, embracing e-commerce platforms for sales and marketing. Eligible businesses might need to show their financial viability and capacity to utilise the grant effectively, for enhancing their online presence.

It’s important to note that eligibility requirements can vary slightly between different LEOs, so potential applicants should review the specific guidelines provided by their local LEO to ensure they meet the necessary criteria before applying for the grant. You can view some of our previous project in our PORTFOLIO SECTION.

Insight can help you get started
with your LEO Online Trading Voucher application.


Insight can help you get started with your LEO Online Trading Voucher application.

To apply for the LEO Online Trading Grant, follow these steps. First, visit the official website of your local LEO (Local Enterprise Office) to access the application form and guidelines. Ensure your business meets the eligibility criteria, which is listed above and on the Enterprise Board Website. Simply prepare the required documents they require (which is quite simple and not overwhelming). You will require your business registration details, some recent financial statements, and a short proposal outlining how you plan to utilise the grant. You need to clearly outline how you propose to use the grant, explaining how your plans will lead to enhancing your online presence and overall trading capabilities. We can help you with preparing this document and advise you on how best to word this proposal, if needed.

Once your application has been compiled, you need to submit it through the designated online portal (differs for different counties throughout Ireland). You can also make a physical submission by post if needed. Remember to keep a close eye on your Local Enterprise Board’s deadline (as it differs from county to county). NOTE* It’s advisable to review your application thoroughly before submission to ensure it ‘ticks all of the boxes’. Again, we can take a quick look over the application with you and advise you, if needed. After submission, the LEO will evaluate your applications based on predetermined qualification criteria. If your application is successful, you will be notified of the grant approval within a week or two, and they will give you further instructions on how to draw down your funding. If necessary, you can also seek assistance from the LEO’s support channels, as they offer full assistance and guidance during the application process.