Founded in 1983 by Frank Kelly, Managing Director, Lettertec is an independent Irish owned company, synonymous with an unrivalled dedication to exceptional service and customer care. Their continuous commitment to investment has set them apart as leaders in the self publishing and printing field.
Lettertec create high quality printed solutions for a wide variety of organisations throughout Ireland. Their technological capability ensures outstanding print quality, fast turnaround, and exceptional cost effectiveness. As a production company Lettertec can do everything from graphic design, right through to print and production for your project. As experts in all areas of book production, including, design and layout, editing and proofreading, publishing consultancy, printing and binding, and online sales, they are ‘the’ one stop shop for all your book printing needs.

Insight Multimedia web design and development team was set the challenge of designing a total of five websites for the Lettertec group. The challenge was to build five website to cover all of the five branches of The Lettertec group, that had a consistent look and style. Lettertec wanted to build five individual website that blended across the five sectors that would allow customers to move from ‘site to site’ without it being obvious to the user that they were moving out of one website and into the other. They wanted brand consistency as the user moved from one website to another with a subtel slight ‘colour change’ as you moved. The navigation UX and UI needed to be fluid making users familiar and comfortable with a consistant navigation structure throughout.

The project covered the main Lettertec Group website, Self-Publishing, Bookstore, Notebooks, and Yearbooks. Each website has their own individual use of colour, graphics, and content, while the design, look and layout keeps a sense of uniformity, style and structure across all of the websites. The user interface (UI) of all five websites is designed to adapt perfectly on all device types such as phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, ensuring all users get the best possible experience on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.