Reasons Why You Should Pay For Social Media Advertising

It can be frustrating sharing content online and receiving very little traffic. You might share more content over time and continue getting the same results.

While having great content is key, promoting that content is even more important to getting a larger reach and following.

The world of social media marketing is constantly changing and it’s best we keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing times.

One way of keeping up-to-date is to pay for social media promotions and adverts.



This can have many advantages, such as:

  • Helps Find New Clients. Paid promotions allows for your content to be seen by a larger audience. For example, on Facebook adverts, you choose your audience, you can target certain age groups, gender and even select keywords where you might like your advert to be found. By creating that Facebook promotion your advert can be seen by a wider audience which in turn creates the possibility of new clients.


  • Drive Traffic. Promoting your content is another way of driving more traffic to your website. Most social media platforms allow you to link back to where the content was found. On twitter for example you can tweet a link from your website. Whether your offering something like special offers, latest articles or just want to let people know about other social media platforms they can find you on. All you need to do is include your link in the tweet then promote. Once it’s promoted it can then reach more people.


  • Price. Advertising can be very costly and many small businesses just don’t have the funds to do this. Trying to get a larger audience and better reach doesn’t have to cost an arm an leg. That’s when social media promotions can be of great benefit to any and all types of budgets. Facebook adverts offers different budget options. It allows the user to customise the advert so as to suit every budget. Prices range anywhere between 3 euro to 300 euro upwards. You can also select how long you’d like the advert to run for e.g a day, a week, a month and so on. After that the advert will give you an estimated daily reach.


  • Organic Reach. Not only can paid promotions help you reach a larger audience and gain potential customers it can also aid towards getting you organic reach. Take for example you have a friend looking for a web designer and you come across a web designers advert on your social media, you might then go and tell your friend about the promotion and in turn they go and check it out for themselves. Another example might be you see a paid advert for an article on ‘Money Saving Gift Ideas This Christmas’. If you share, or retweet that article, your friends and followers will also be able to view it with the possibility of a share or retweet from them increasing your organic reach further.


  • Engagement. Like any good social media strategy, engagement is essential to growing your business. There’s no point paying for advert promotions if you don’t engage with both your old and new followers. These people are your customers. They are the reason you’ve paid for adverts so don’t ignore them after you get a follow or like. Real engagement turns people into customers. You can engage in ways like giving people a sneak peek to an upcoming project or special offer. You can promote that sneak peek but it’s essential to respond to any questions, comments or emails you might receive from that. People like to feel like they’re dealing with a real person rather than a sales driven robot.

We’d love to hear if paid promotions have helped with your business and how!


Thanks Spoogle for some of the information above.