The Benefits of a Having a Good ‘Web Presence’ for Your Business During These Tough COVID-19 Times

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way companies operate. During these tough times, where ‘work from home’ is the new normal and ‘business as usual’ isn’t a reality, it might be tempting to cut off your marketing budget. Although reducing unnecessary expenditure is a sensible move, this is, in fact, the best time to invest in your business.

Having a good web presence can prove to be extremely beneficial for your business. Even if you aren’t thinking about advertising, there are several things you can do to enhance your business visibility and fine-tune your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look.

Use the Quiet Time to Your Advantage

As a business owner, you may think this could be the worst time to work on your online presence and kick-start an SEO campaign.
But the opposite is true!

SEO is a proactive process that takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to improve your rankings in Google.
You can use this quiet time to build your online presence and propel your website to the top of the search engine results by the time things settle back to normality.

With more free time on hand that would otherwise be used up for face-to-face meetings or commuting to the office, now is a good time to check your digital to-do lists and improve your web presence.

Does your website need a redesign? Insight’s web design professionals can upgrade your website in a matter of weeks whilst working remotely.
This is a good time to work on improving your site’s conversion rates. Our CRO specialists can audit your site to make sure your website is turning more visitors into customers.

Similarly, this is also a great time to get an SEO audit done to make sure your are making the most of SEO strategies that work for you.

Stay Visible

Even though you may not expect to make a sale during these times, there’s no reason to not put your best foot forward.
Search volumes are still going strong and with people locked in their homes and with more leisure time at their disposal, this trend is likely to continue.

Sure, customers are being cautious and may not be making a purchase at present, but they are still actively searching on Google.
So, by showing up in the search engines and welcoming your visitors to a professional website, you can improve your brand awareness which can help you reap dividends when the customers are ready to make a purchase.

Paid Ads are Cheaper than Ever

Paid ads are cheaper than ever thanks to the pandemic.

With fewer bidders competing for the same slot, you can expect your cost per click to be far lower than usual.
With people spending more time online than ever before and with fewer advertisers, this is the perfect time to leverage cheaper ads to reach your target customer.

Go the Ecommerce Way

With physical stores closed across an array of industries, this is a good time to consider selling online.

In fact, many consumers are heading to online stores in their search for essential and non-essential products during the pandemic.


The reality is that the next few months will be difficult. While the daily count of coronavirus victims is on the decline, social distancing practices will still be in place for some. But when it comes to your business, you can bring about a huge change without moving out.
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Credit: Bob Stokes