Using Linkedin for lead generation – our top 5 tips

LinkedIn accounts for 97% of the social media leads of a business. LinkedIn works and works big time. But the traditional advice – join, stay active and generate leads – won’t deliver the results you seek.

In this post, we share our top Linkedin lead generation tips you can use right away to generate quality leads for your business.

Leverage your company page

When you want to get leads from LinkedIn, you need to work towards it. Leads won’t simply materialise from thin air. Your business page is a great place to start. This is where you can urge LinkedIn visitors to take action – to visit your company website or landing page.

  • Use an attention-grabbing header image.
  • Write a compelling pitch about your business in the company description.
  • Turn your Recent Updates section into a clickable link so visitors can look at your updates.

Contribute to group conversations

LinkedIn is home to numerous group conversations every minute across all industries and niches. These discussions are a great way to network with other like-minded people in your field whilst establishing your authority as a thought leader.

By including helpful links in the conversation, you can even drive traffic to your website.

Be sure you are not overtly salesy; focus on being helpful. Your comment could be deleted by LinkedIn’s spam filter; worse still you may turn off potential customers.

Use advanced search

Linkedin’s advanced search feature is a great way to find the kind of people you’re targeting. From the header menu, click on the search people icon and then advanced option.

Even without upgrading your membership, you can access an array of features to narrow your search.

You must pay special attention to the center column of the Advanced People Search. Here you can filter your search by current company, past company, location, industry, profile language, school and non-profit interests.

Publish engaging content

LinkedIn’s content publishing platform is powerful, to say the least, and if you are serious about generating leads for your business, you should be using it.

By publishing quality content, you can build an inbound lead generation strategy that draws in users that are interested in what you are offering.
You can do this two ways – by publishing both as a company and as an individual.

Use LinkedIn ads

If you’re looking to take your content well beyond your existing followers and connections, you can use advertising options that LinkedIn offers.
You could create sponsored posts using your most engaging posts.

LinkedIn offers extremely precise and specific targeting, allowing you to reach the right audience. For example, Hubspot used LinkedIn Sponsored Content to get 400% more leads compared to other lead generation platforms.

You could even create sponsored InMail campaigns as part of your lead generation efforts. With InMail, you can reach the LinkedIn inboxes of people with personalised messaging. You can use it to share your best content and deals and offers.

Connect with Profile Visitors

LinkedIn emails you every time someone views your profile. Most people ignore these alerts. By sending those emails to the trash, you are missing out on huge opportunities.

These notifications can provide a lot of useful information for your lead generation efforts.
When a person views your LinkedIn profile, it means they’ve taken the effort to know more about you. Perhaps they are interested in your products/services. So why not track them down, get in touch and learn why.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for business networking and lead generation. These are just some of the several strategies you can bank on to generate leads. By relying on the right strategy, you can easily attract the attention of potential customers.

Credit: Bob Stokes