Our Client APC have been shortlisted in the Web Awards 2016 for ‘Best Science and Technology’ Site

Our esteemed client, APC, has earned a spot in the Web Awards 2016’s ‘Best Science and Technology’ Site category.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to APC (UCC) for their nomination in the ‘Best Science & Technology Website’ at the Web Awards 2016, sponsored by BT Ireland. The event will be known as The Realex Payments Web Awards 2016, with the hashtag #webawards16. The headline sponsor will receive a substantial number of tickets, and attendance is expected to range from 450 to 600 people based on last year’s 700+ category nominations from over 300 individuals.

About APC:

Established in 2003, the APC Microbiome Institute has fostered a vibrant trans-disciplinary environment where clinicians, clinician-scientists, and basic scientists collaborate across diverse backgrounds. While their primary focus is on the mysteries of the gastrointestinal bacterial community (microbiota), the institute’s work has become one of the rapidly advancing areas of biology, impacting various branches of human medicine and veterinary science. APC’s contributions also hold growing significance for societal economic welfare. Explore APC’s work on their website.

Event Details:

  • Date and Location: September 28th, 2016, Dublin
  • Organizers: Damien Mulley/Mulley Comms, known for their inclusive approach in events like the Irish Blog Awards, Web Awards (9th year), SME Awards, Social Media Awards (6th year), and the Measurement Conference – Measurement. Ie (4 years).

Web Awards Event Highlights:

The event is characterized by its relaxed and informal atmosphere, featuring finger food at the beginning and end of the ceremony. Networking opportunities abound, and Rick O’Shea will serve as the Master of Ceremonies. This evening promises to be a significant occasion for companies and agencies, emphasizing valuable connections and unwinding.

Entry and Judging:

The awards are free to enter, with business owners/representatives handling submissions. General public judgment will play a role, and headline and category sponsors are ineligible for nominations.


For an overview of the categories in 2016, visit http://webawards.ie/2015-categories/.

Ticket Prices:

Early bird tickets are priced at €35, with a total cost of €50. This pricing structure aims to be affordable for all web creators.