How to Plan Your Press Releases?

How to Plan Your Press Releases? This is a common question. We dive into this topic and outline the critical steps for an effective press release! Your marketing strategy may include a combination of advertising, emails, events, social media and other techniques. However, one focused release in the media can deliver explosive results, resulting in an increase of enquiries and sales. Better yet, coverage by the media can elevate your business to a whole new level. 

In today’s digitally connected world, businesses must generate their own buzz. Customers are no longer relying on the newspaper to get their fill of the day’s news. They are scanning headlines on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. 

Whether you want to control the narrative around your brand or want to take your business to the next level, a press release can do wonders for your business. Additionally, press conferences can aid in the launching of a new product or simply generating buzz around your latest offer, As they are an ideal way of attracting the attention of local journalists and the traditional media channels.

However it is important to note that every press release must follow a consistent format, it is a formula that is expected by journalists and media channels. This way, reporters and editors can find the information they are after quickly and easily. Here are the steps to plan a successful press release. 

Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

You’ve decided what you are going to announce in your press release. Now it’s time to put your ideas in ‘word format’ do that you can share it with your industry, community, followers and consumers.

The success of your press release depends, to a great extent, on your headline

The headline must capture the gist of your store while capturing the readers’ attention. Consider the headlines that are typical in the publications you want to attract, and strive to create a similar experience for their readers.

Here are some tips to write a compelling headline: 

  • Keep it short
  • Be specific
  • Use action verbs
  • Make it interesting

Give them a Reason to Care about your Press Release

How do you make your press release newsworthy? By conveying useful, valuable news and information. 

You can do that by leveraging the reverse pyramid formula: moving from the most important news to the least important. 

In the first paragraph of your press release, talk about the who, where and what. In the second paragraph, focus on the why. 

Reporters hardly have the luxury of time to go through every little detail. Focus on sharing the facts that will help them to sell your press release to the authority that decides whether or not a story about your business is worth publishing.

Offer a Tempting Quote

Once the scene is set, focus on bringing your story to life with a quote that journalists can use to paint a picture of how your story affects the respective industry, landscape and customers. 

The quote must come from the company’s key stakeholders including the management team, project manager or those directly affected by the announcement. 

Quoting key authorities and figures emphasises the importance of your story. The quote you choose must shape the narrative while emphasising the primary message of your release. 

Avoid overloading your release with quotes from everyone in the office. Pick a couple of critical spokespersons to create a highlight for your story from their perspective. 

Offer Valuable Background Information

By the time your readers arrive at the last paragraph of your release, they must have all the crucial information about your announcement. 

The last paragraph is a great opportunity to offer information that can potentially strengthen the narrative, such as interesting or creative ways that your company developed the announcement or project at hand. Where applicable, remark on the future implications of the announcement.

Newsjacking is another way to add value to the release. This is the process of connecting your announcement to the current news to make it more valuable. 

End with a Boilerplate

This is where you get to provide a short background and overview of your company. Don’t forget to include contact information. 

Describe what your business does in plain English and include a link to your website. 

If you are citing data in the release, be sure to include a reference link for the source. Ensure that every name mentioned in the release has an associated title. 

Make the Most of Your Press Release

Press releases, although, a traditional marketing strategy, can deliver immense value ‘when done right’. When writing your press release, focus on creating a stunning piece of content and forget everything else. 

Your press release should offer something of value to the journalist. At the same time, it also pays to make your writing interesting and engaging. 

Although a press release in no way guarantees coverage, it can still prove to be a crucial marketing tool. By sending out press releases regularly, you can slowly but surely, build a brand recall with members of the media. 

When they need a source from your industry, they may remember your business and reach out to you for an interview, a quote or even a complete story. By sharing valuable information, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Hopefully, this blog has aided in outlining the key concepts needed to help you in “How to plan your press releases?”. Check out some of our other latest blogs.

Credit: Emily Murphy (Insight Team)