The benefits of using good quality photographs and imagery on your website

There are several aspects of a successful website. Enough has already been spoken about the need for easy navigation, prominently visible contact details, mobile-friendly design and user-friendly layout. However, one aspect that’s frequently ignored is the quality of imagery used on a website.

Business owners are known for their “cost-cutting” mindset but that may not be a wise decision every time. When it comes to your website, it’s important to use professional and appealing photographs and imagery.

You might be tempted to use stock photography or even doing the task yourself. But that can prove to be a huge mistake. Most users decide whether to stay on your website or not in the first few seconds of landing on your site.

Without compelling visual imagery, it’s difficult to hold their attention for long.

Here are some benefits of using quality imagery on your website.

Examples Of Quality Imagery By Insight

Attract your visitors instantly

The moment visitors land on your website, they are looking for clues to decide whether to stay on your website or leave it. The better the quality of the images and photographs on your website, the more interest will they show in your offerings.

If your images are of poor quality, they are likely to leave your website before exploring the rest of the pages. All in all, quality images play a crucial role in attracting your visitors and engaging them.

Customers get to know you

Your website visitors want to get a good understanding of your business and the services or products you offer. Poor quality images can turn them off and they may decide to leave your site in search for another.

Stock photos don’t always provide the correct feel for your business. On the contrary, your visitors may get a false impression about you and your business. Help your customers to get to know your business by displaying actual photos of your products, business and your team.

Use photos of people in their natural work environment to give visitors a feel for the people behind your company and brand. This gives better insight into your company and its credibility.

Establish trust and credibility

Having professional photography incorporated into your website affords you the opportunity to gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. Clear and creative imagery help boost the credibility of your company. As a result, your visitors will trust your brand and business.

Bring your product/service to life

Pictures speak a thousand words. You’ve heard this adage quite a few times. But the fact is… it’s true, even more today with internet access, web platforms and social media. Photos allow you to show your potential customers what you have to offer instead of describing them in words. And you can only paint a pretty picture of your brand and your products/services with quality photographs.

In today’s times, customers want to visualise your products/service before making a purchase.

Research shows that the human is capable of correctly identifying images in less than 100 milliseconds. We recommend integrating a professional photography session into your website build to insure that your website reflects the correct visual quality of the products /services your business offers (PLEASE NOTE* Here at Insight, we supply a full professional photography services). Have the correct ‘visual tone’ to your business photography will insure you capture your visitors’ attention quickly and positively.

In fact, good quality images can also help with ‘brand recall’ in the future.

Tell your story

An important part of creating an appealing brand is the ability to convey clearly who you are and what your business is about. It is equally important to give your customers something they can recognise immediately as desirable. Professional photographs enable you to tell your story without saying a single word.

Increase sales

For an ecommerce store, images mean everything. Customers feel that the quality of a product’s picture is a lot more important compared to a wall of text describing the product and even reviews.

Remember ‘pictures speak a thousand words’


Credit: Insight Web Development Team