Sporting iD manufacture and supply licensed sports branding products globally. The core of their business is based around dedicated design, printing and distribution of high quality names, numbers and crests  worn on sports jerseys for the world’s top clubs, leagues and sports events.

Insight were commissioned to develop an online B2B business portal to allow Sporting iD customers world wide to order products in a quick, simple intuitive manner. Having studied the specification of the project and the overall requirements. Insight decided to build the online business portal on the OpenCart eCommerce platform, as OpenCart has the ability to be customised and tailored extensively. Our development team have many years of experience in customising OpenCart to fit many solutions with very complex requirements.

Some of the custom built features include:

– Requires customers login before they can see or purchase products
– Different price structures for different types of customer groups
– Purchase go against customer account
– Different currencies for different customer groups around the world
– Multi product purchase on one page
– Custom product filtering system
– Orders exported to Sage accounts system every hour
– Product setup batch import
– Product Stock level import from Sage inventory
– Discount rules for customer groups
– Integration with in-house Sage accounting system