Five Types of Blog Posts that Generate More Traffic

A business blog on your website can do wonders for your online presence. By regularly posting to your blog, you can establish your brand as an authority in your niche, create a loyal following, engage with your target audience, improve your search engine rankings and generate quality traffic to your site.

However, you can only reap the benefits of all this if you are publishing consistently and regularly. Writing the first few posts may not be trouble, but after doing it for some time you may reach a point where you are out of ideas and you may wonder if there’s anything new to write at all.
If you find yourself in this situation, try these methods to consistently create engaging content for your business blog.


A list post is a hugely popular format because it organises your content into a numbered list that is easy to read, implement and share. What’s more, a list post allows readers to skim the content quickly.

You can turn any topic into a list of things to do for better results, benefits of doing something, ways of doing something, methods of resolving a problem, etc.

Tutorials and How-To’s

A how-to blog is very powerful.

Stop for a moment and think about this. Why do we search the web?

Sure, you may use the internet to make a purchase, find information about the latest movie or to send an email.

But quite often, people use it to learn something, to reduce debt, change tyres, grow your business, boost your website in the Search Engine Results Pages, etc.

Your prospects are doing the same. They have a problem, and you can provide a solution by writing a step-by-step how-to post.

Answer an FAQ

Ask your customer care executives, sales reps and other customer-facing employees, what problems they hear about or what questions they get from customers.

Choose one of these questions and provide an in-depth answer. If you have an FAQ section on your site, you could even add a shortened version of this article to that page.

Highlight a Success Story

There’s no better way to show your customers how your product/service can improve their lives than by sharing success stories. Write up a case study that highlights the success story of one of your clients.

Introduce the situation, what their challenge was, and how your company resolved it for them. Include a quote from the client to add authenticity and credibility to your post. You could use this quote in the testimonial section too.

Do an Interview

Does a member of your team have an interesting background, specialised knowledge or a fresh perspective on a major issue? Perhaps you want to introduce a new employee? Make a list of questions and publish their answers in a question and answer format.

You could even enlist someone from your company to interview an important figure from your industry.


Many times, your audience is looking for instructions and directions on how to get something done. If they’ve got a question, they are looking for answers or at the bare minimum to be pointed in the right direction.

Although not too different from a How-To blog, a checklist or To-Do post typically focuses on how to get something done efficiently without forgetting anything.

Current News

Is there a news story or event that concerns your industry or business, such as a controversial event that has gone viral, or a news story or a recent trend?

Use your blog to share your unique perspective on the story. Share your opinion, explore the consequences of the event, or elaborate on how it can affect your customers.

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Credit: Bob Stokes