8 New Google Features You Can Use to Market Your Small Business

Google consistently refines its tools to empower enterprises, enabling them to narrate their stories, draw in fresh customers, and effectively showcase their offerings. From engaging Q&A platforms to categorised product displays, direct messaging functionalities, and video integrations, Google presents a rich array of features tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. This exploration delves into eight enhanced Google features, shedding light on the intricacies of each and how they collectively contribute to reshaping the landscape of small business marketing, fostering heightened engagement and visibility in the fiercely competitive digital market.

8 Enhanced Google Features for Small Business Marketing

Business Descriptions on Google Maps

    • Craft a compelling 125-word business description visible on Google Maps through your Google My Business listing. Enhance your business’s online presence and provide valuable insights for potential customers.

Interactive Q&A on Google My Business

    • Foster engagement by enabling customers to ask questions directly within your Google My Business listing. Ensure accurate information by actively monitoring and promptly responding to inquiries.

Categories Products & Services

    • Offer a more comprehensive overview of your business by incorporating categorised listings of products or services on your Google My Business profile. This feature provides users with detailed information about what your business has to offer.

Appointment Booking for Local Services

    • Streamline customer interactions by allowing local service businesses like fitness or beauty services to integrate appointment booking directly through their Google My Business pages. Establishing a prior relationship with a Google reservations partner is a prerequisite for utilising this feature.

Video Content Integration

    • Elevate your business’s visual appeal by uploading videos of up to 30 seconds in length to both your primary Google My Business listing and individual Google Posts. This multimedia feature adds a dynamic element to your online presence.

Direct Messaging Across Platforms

    • Facilitate seamless customer communication by enabling direct text messaging through your Google My Business listing. Choose to respond via a personal cell phone number or Google’s Allo app, enhancing accessibility for businesses and customers.

Specialised Google Posts

    • Leverage Google Posts to share more than just news and events. Introduce offer posts to showcase sales or promotions and product posts to spotlight specific products. This diversified content keeps your audience engaged and informed.

Business Following on Google Maps

    • Cultivate a loyal customer base by allowing users to follow your business on Google Maps for Android. Keep followers updated with the latest news, events, and offers through the “For You” tab, fostering a sense of connection.

In conclusion, Google’s continuous innovation in small business marketing tools represents a transformative shift in how enterprises connect with their audience in the digital landscape. The eight refined features discussed here are not just enhancements; they are strategic assets that empower businesses to forge stronger connections, showcase their uniqueness, and thrive in a competitive online environment. As technology evolves, embracing these Google features becomes an option and a necessity for small businesses aspiring to stand out and flourish. By incorporating these tools into their marketing arsenal, companies can navigate the intricate web of online engagement, ensuring sustained growth and visibility well into the future.