Insight Multimedia’s ‘FREE SAMPLE’ new website mockup design is subject to our terms and conditions. The sample design is intended as an introductory example of how we can create a new quality, fresh visually improved, look and feel to your current website. The sample design we provide you with, will have had around four hours free design work done, so that we can provide you with some fresh ideas for the look of your website. This ‘first round’ design would need to be worked further based on your feedback, comments and preferences. After we present you with our initial sample design mock-up, and if you are happy with the initial sample design, then we will price the work involved in re-developing your website for you. Whereas, if you don’t like the design we present and you do not wish to proceed with a ‘full website build’, then we will stop working on the project, and you will NOT be be charged any fees or invoiced for our time, while working on the sample mockup design. The FREE SAMPLE mock-up design is exactly as it say, ‘TOTALY FREE’.

If you are happy with our sample design work and if you would like to proceed with a new website build, then we will price the project in full for you (at our hourly rate of €80 per hour). NOTE* You WILL NOT pay for the four hours work already done on the design presentation, up to this point (this work is still FREE).

PLEASE NOTE* if you DO NOT wish to proceed with the project based on the sample design supplied (or elements within the designs supplied), then the copyright for the supplied design remains the property of Insight Multimedia (a subsidiary of business name of Insight Internet Ltd.). The copyright for use of the designs is retained to Insight and NOT you or the company the sample design have been supplied to. The intellectual property and ownership of the supplied sample design remain totally with Insight unless the company supplied with the sample designs decides to proceed and move forward with a full website development project from Insight. You cannot use the supplied designs for your website at any future date without the consent of Insight Internet Ltd or by purchasing the copyright use of the designs from Insight. You are not permitted to build or commission any other web development company (other than Insight) to build a website that would be deemed as 75% (seventy five precent) similar to the design sample supplied to you. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to pay Insight Internet Ltd full compensation for infringement of our copyright restrictions and your clear breech or our terms and conditions with regard to our creative intellectual property rights.

Terms & Conditions amendment 01 June 2023