The National Software Centre is a landmark development in the context of Ireland and the EU, offering World Class Broadband Infrastructure and Third Generation Offices in Cork. The project is a privately led venture via a public private partnership. The fundamental objective was to create a global footprint for knowledge based ventures through using innovative networking technologies. The NSC Campus was designed specifically for IT and service companies with flexibility and scalability in mind.

The National Software Centre invited Insight Multimedia to propose a new website style and look for the NSC. The NSC wanted to produce a more  streamlined information based website that would direct clients to information about the services and office facilities they provide in a more concise manner. Although Insight is not located within the NSC Campus after a few visits to the campus we identified the best possible way to convey the exceptional level of services offered at the NSC. The new NSC website is fully responsive and designed to adapt and function intuitively on all devices including desktop computer, tablet devices and all smart phones. Insight also shoot, edited and produced all of the video footage used in the new website.