Back in 2000 Stef had performed in shows all over the world, but was looking for a new adventure. She had heard from friends how frustrating it was for parents to buy expensive leotards and ballet shoes, and pay a school for a term up front, only to find out two weeks later that their child no longer wanted to partake in those classes. In fact Stef’s early memories of dance classes were of cold studios, strict teachers, ballet tights and not too much fun! So Stef went on a mission to start some children’s classes that both boys and girls could participate in, that didn’t require expensive uniforms or shoes and that exposed children to a wide variety of music, dance and different activities and that were fun! The formula worked and Kinderama was born.

Insight Multimedia designed and developed a new eCommerce website for Kinderama with a design style that complemented the fun theme of Kinderama. The website was built to allow parents to easily book classes for their children in the different location that Kinderama operates. An easy to use backend system was developed to allow the Kinderama team to easily update classes and availability, while allowing users to make payment for the classes quickly and securely.