Dare to live was founded Ceili Fitzgerald and Catherine Hicks for the discerning women of the world who are seeking ways to achieve purposeful change and happiness in their lives. Encouraging women to embark on life changing experiences of adventure as they give themselves permission to learn more about their outlook on personal change, self discovery and empowerment. They have created some pretty amazing international retreat escapes inspired by the feedback from women all around the world as well as their own personal experiences as women who seek and embrace change.

Insight Multimedia were commissioned to build the new Dare To Live new website. The website brief was to build the website that is fully responsive in design, so that it adapts and function intuitively on all devices including desktop computer, tablet devices and all smart phones. The website has a fully functional content management system to allow Dare To Live staff to update and manage their website in-house. The website also has a secure event booking engine to allow for users to book upcoming events as they become available.