Some years ago, they were asked by a local school if they could produce some Christmas cards for them to sell as a fund-raiser. Being a design and print company under a different name at the time with many years experience producing material of all shapes and sizes, they offered to help them out. The project was a great success, and the following year not only did they want to do it again, but some other schools had heard about what they’d done and wanted to have a go too. Cards 4 Schools focus on making the process as simple for you as possible, as they know you’re busy, and on making sure that you get to raise the most money possible for your school. Cards 4 Schools are a small and energetic team, which means you’ll get a personal service you wouldn’t get from a larger company.

Cards 4 Schools came to Insight Multimedia and asked us to build a specific style of website that would showcase their new design venture. Their new and easy-to-use website allows schools & customers to register at Cards 4 Schools in order to avail of their quality print service in time for the Christmas Holidays. Customers can communicate directly with Cards 4 Schools via an online contact form within the new website and sort out card/calendar designs, quantities and prices at ease with one of the Cards 4 Schools team.