Artificial Grass is a 2nd generation family owned business based in Newcastle West, County Limerick. Having been in the retail industry for over 20 year (selling carpets and wooden flooring) they recently branched out and opened a new ‘Artificial Grass’ business. They saw a growing interest in Artificial Grass from the domestic market and because they already had experience in supplying ‘high grade Artificial Grass’ for large sized commercial uses, they decided to offer competitively priced Artificial Grass¬†to this new emerging domestic market. They came to Insight, who they had already worked with, for two of their other business, and asked us to create a new ‘domestic focused’¬†Artificial Grass brand and build a visually impacting website that would attract business and allow them to sell direct to the new emerging domestic market.

Insight Multimedia’s Website Design and Web Development Team set about building a new E-Commerce Website on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce. The website needed many custom E-Commerce features to allow for the calculating of prices for specific sizes and measurements during the ordering and checkout process. The store system also needed to be able to calculate shipping/delivery charges based on the customers delivery location and the order size and weight.

The website was developed to be fully responsive and designed to adapt and function intuitively on all devices including desktop computer, tablet devices and smart phones.