1. Discussion – At the beginning of any project, we will sit down with our client and discuss in more detail the functionality and features that you require. If it is a website redesign, we will discuss where you would like to make improvements and if it is a new website build for a new company we will speak about branding requirements etc.
  2. Content – You will compile all of the content (photographs/ text) you require us to use.
  3. Mock-up Design – We will create a homepage based on your design requirements, color schemes, font usage, image style and layout. Present it to you for you feedback and comments. We will then take your comments and feedback and move the project to the next stage and review.
  4. Send Content – You will send all of your content in its final form for us to integrate into your website. We will take the content and decide the best way to organise the structure of the site.
  5. Design Revision – You will revise the home-page mockup we send and will have the opportunity to request any changes during the build process.
  6. Implementation – This is where we develop the website according to your agreed and approved design style.
  7. Content Integration – Once we have all of the content and the chosen design style, we will begin entering the provided content in a format that matches with the design scheme.
  8. Testing – We perform a rigorous testing procedure before the website goes live to ensure that everything is functioning correctly (pre-live test check list). You will also have the opportunity here to check functionality.
  9. Launch – With your final payment and approval, we will launch the final website and again run a number of post-live checks. This marks the end of the project.