Convincing Clients of WordPress Excellence

In our pursuit of exceptional websites, some clients may remain indifferent to the tools we use, while others, armed with some knowledge, express scepticism, especially towards WordPress. As dedicated WordPress enthusiasts here at Insight, conveying the reasons behind our preference can be challenging amid our daily immersion in its intricacies. To address this, we’ve outlined common concerns clients might raise about WordPress and provided compelling responses.

“Isn’t WordPress Just for Blogs?”

Not. It’s crucial to distinguish between WordPress (the open-source software at and (the hosting platform). The former is a comprehensive software package for content management, offering total creative freedom when installed on your server. It’s not limited to preexisting themes; developers often use them as starting points to craft unique designs, complemented by a vast library of plugins for added functionality.

 “Is WordPress Only Suitable for Personal Sites and Small Businesses?”

Far from it. Major global brands such as CNN, CBS, and Vogue rely on WordPress. Its dominance is evident, powering nearly a quarter of all websites worldwide and being the preferred CMS for over 80% of sites using one. The Library of Congress and various government entities attest to its robustness.

“Won’t WordPress Negatively Impact SEO?”

Quite the opposite. WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly, supporting plugins like Yoast for fine-tuning. Its structure aligns with Google’s latest algorithm, prioritising fresh, original content, making enhancing and maintaining high search rankings easy.

“I’ve Heard That WordPress is Responsive; why should my site be Responsive, too?”

Responsiveness is a significant advantage. A responsive site, adaptable to all devices, enhances SEO, reaching a broader audience and boosting credibility. WordPress supports responsive themes, ensuring an optimal user experience across various devices.

“WordPress Isn’t Secure! I don’t trust it.”

On the contrary, WordPress is secure. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, maintains a dedicated security team of experts to safeguard the core from potential threats. Regular updates and vigilant oversight ensure a secure environment.

“A Software Package This Good Can’t Possibly Be Free. What’s the Catch?”

There is no catch. WordPress is open-source and continually improved by a global team of developers. Updates are released regularly at no cost, fostering a thriving community committed to enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

 “So If It’s Coded and Maintained by a Few Volunteers and Employees, How Good Can It Be?”

Exceptionally good. The WordPress community comprises thousands of skilled contributors, ensuring continuous updates, adherence to industry standards, and compatibility with modern browsers.

“You ‘specialise ‘ in WordPress Development, which means hiring a specialist will cost me the most.”

Contrary to that perception, specialising in WordPress development saves time and effort. Its comprehensive foundation reduces the need for extensive coding, allowing for efficient customisation and easy management, even for non-developers.

WordPress’s versatility, widespread adoption by industry leaders, SEO prowess, security measures, technical excellence, and cost-effectiveness dispel misconceptions. Armed with this information, you can confidently convey the merits of WordPress to your clients.