Instagram Debuts New ‘Stories’ Feature That Rivals Snapchat’s ‘Stories’

Facebook-owned app Instagram has made waves with the announcement of its latest feature, ‘Stories’. The update will allow users to upload multiple photos and videos throughout the day in a slideshow format, using text and drawing tools to personalise each entry. No worries about spamming your followers though – the photos and videos in ‘Stories’ will appear in a separate bar on top of your feed and all updates will disappear after 24 hours.


Sounds good! But does it sound familiar?

That’s because it’s almost exactly like the service provided by Instagram’s rival app in the photo-sharing space, Snapchat. This isn’t the first time the power-hungry app has gone after a competitor. In early 2015, Instagram introduced looping videos in a move that directly challenged its biggest video service rival, Vine.

A year later, Vine is still going strong with no sign of stopping. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say if the same statement will be true for Snapchat. This ‘Stories’ update provides exactly the same service that Snapchat currently banks on. Only time will tell if this move will possibly turning potential users away from the app in favour of Instagram.

The jury’s still out on exactly what’s going to happen from here, but in the meantime you can check out Instagram’s video for their new feature below.


Credit: Vimeo & DesignTaxi.